ValleyPalooza '99

Gavin sitting beside the tent
you can see how tired and hot we were hehe (Lisa without a head, kyle, gavin & me)
Leah, kyle & Gavin
Shaun, Billy, Freeman & Lisa
Sherman (Hung UP), Leah, & Mike (Bucket Truck & Hung Up)
Leah, Kyle, Gavin & ME
Billy getting kinky with Joe
I don't wanna know what Freeman and Joe are doing
Joe (In front), Leah, BIlly, Nick, Silo, Freeman, Shaun, & Kyle
Me and Kyle (I look cross-eyed in this pic, but I'm really not) hehe
Me, Gavin & JOey
me and My frisbee partner, matt (Bucket truck)
me groping lisa...and kyle's ass in the back
Brian (burnt black) and Leah doin a little dance
Crazy stick man!
Freeman, silo, me and Lisa trying to make a bottletower
Kyle, Lisa, Gavin & Me
Gavin sittin on a car, Lisa, Kyle & Me
Trev (Hung Up) & Jud (Bucket Truck)
me brushing my teef

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