Trip to Sydeny - May 19-22, 2000

Boud & Kristen at Jaspers
Kristen & me
Sheldon & Adam
Adam (he looks like dopey the dwarf!) & Brett
Boud, Nick & Brett
yo it's Brett
Brett's ass
Dancer posing like like an Austrian body builder hehe
Brett & Adam playing hacky sack
Boud, adam's ass & Dancer with no pants on

Melissa's party
Dancer, me, Brett & Ryan
Harry, Brett, Dopey, Dancer & Allison
Dopey & Me
Harry, Brett & Me
Harry & Dopey showing their muscles
me & Adam
me & Mark
Dopey & Dancer doing a little strip tease in woman's panties... o baby o baby
Ryan & Me
group pic: from left to right - Brett, Harry, Adam, Dopey, Melissa, Shauna, Mike, Dancer, Allison, Sandi & Mark

Dancer, Nick & Brett
Natalie, Me & Brett
Nick jerkin off
Nick & Brett... aw aren't they cute?
me, nick & dancer... This rocks...nick's kissin my hand...aww
nick finally got what he wanted after an hour of whining for some stradling hehe
Dancer, Nick & Brett
dancer making me look like the girl from the Wendy's restaurant
dancer just woke up