Lia's Spring Break, March - 2000

me chillin in my room
Kyle, Joey, and Matt...uh...Joey? ya horny?
Joey & Matt at Diary Queen
hmm Kyle lookin like a monkey
picture of a kid throwing balls at kyle in the ball pit
me eating mike dirnt
group pic - Matt, Lisa, me, Leah, Joey and Kyle all squished on leah's couch
Matt, Kyle, and Leah...and my head shoved in kyle's crotch hehe
Me, Lisa, Leah, Matt, Joey, and other matt in front
Joey playing the drums
Kyle possing with his bass
Matt and his geetar
Kyle, me and Lisa shoved in the front seat of Leah's van
Matt, other Matt, Kyle and Lisa doing something funky
Kyle and Matt getting ready to kiss
Joey & me... joey looks funny and I look like a little kid
Me, Lisa, & Leah

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