partaaay pictures

...New Years Eve Party @ Tanya's - December 31, 2000
close up of nick and melissa cuz he wouldn't let me take the picture for them...big baby
Leah giving DJ the evil eye after he spilled beer all over her pants
Matt & Gina the bartender
Paul, Matt, DJ, & Dil
al's just chillin'
Leah, Dan, Alissa, Greg & Amy
Julie, Greg, Lynne, and Andy with his big mug
the guys takin a big new years drink
Me and Leah
me and DJ (thats not a zit on my face it's a sticker)
Me and Joe at craig & robs in new glassgow - october, 2000
Adam & Ginny looking very happy
me & ginnys dude Craig
rob and gord looking pretty darn sexy

... party on- June 9, 2000...
Matt, Kyle & Adrian
Billy & I
Leah & I ... mmm beer
Adrian's beating Matt up... and Derek is happy
sexy matt & me
Me and Cindy showing some school spirit...
me and ginny trying to look all hootchie
Me, Steven, Phil & Pat
i love Rob
Peter, Me & Pat

...dancer came to visit! woo! - June 2, 2000...
our beer tower... not too big yet but we're getting there
me playing caps with joe and chuggin my beer aw yeah... (then i spilt it all over the floor)
Lynn, Rob, Me, Leah and Lisa
Me and Dancer in the store i work at right before he left

...First Party at mine & Ginny's new apartment - May 5...
Joe is horny, but im busy having phone sex...maybe later joe
Ginny & Tyson
group pic - Craigory (in back), Marcel, Cindy, Troy, Leah, & Matt
Shawn & Ginny
Shawn & Me

...April 28 - Last party at the house...
Ginny & Matt (with wayne static hair) :)
Erin & Cindy outside chillin on the front porch
DJ, Ginny & AJ
Andy & Nick
Nick & Ginny

...April 27 - Last day of Exams...
Adrian, me & Becky... I luv becky
Adrian, Me, Cindy, Greg & Becky all squished on Joe's Bed
Adrian & me after a long night of kinkin' it up... hehe j/k...we're pretending
me giving Adrian a big kiss
Adrian half naked... me & Becky
Brad, Erin & ME
all brad's hoes - erin, me, (brad), becky & Cindy
Cindy, Brad, ME & Erin
Cindy & I giving Rob a big goodbye kiss
Cindy, Rob, Ginny & Erin
Dan & Me
Ginny & Becky at becky's work
Greg & Becky... haha greg's so drunk
Big huge group pic - Dan, Pat, Joe, Brian, Jeffery, Ginny, Nick & Andy
Me & Cindy... hahaha don't ask ;)
Me & Becky at her work
Me & Berkle
Brad, Erin, Me & Dan... i look like the devil
Orgy!! - Adrian, Me, Cindy & Dan
Rob, Me & Ginny
all i can say is... poor tyson...*lol*

...April 12 - Last day of classes! woohoo!...
Andy, Lynne, Cindy, Brad, Cheryl & Erin at the Park
Cindy, Lynne & Erin
Cindy, Brad, Cory & Erin - Cuba Crew!
Adrian & Me
Erin, Brad, Cindy, Cory & Me
Erin, Lynne & Andy
Me & Brad
Pat & Erin
Cindy, Brad & Cheryl
Brad with his Bodyguards - Josh, Zak, (Brad) & Cory
Me and Andy... i look funny
me & my pimp Zak
me and both my pimps - Brad & Zak
Andy, Lynne, Brad, Me, & Zak... I dunno what Zak's trying to make me do
Ginny, Cory & me
Suz, Me & Pat... hehe pat's head feels like a kiwi
Cindy, Brad & Erin
Cindy & Erin givin Brad a little affection
Erin's giving Cindy a piggyback ride!
Me & Joe
Me & Adrian :)

...April 8 - Clarisa's Birthday...
Brad & Erin
Cindy & Erin havin a drink
Me, Cindy, Erin & Clarisa
me (makin some dumb face), Pat & Cindy
poor Berkle passed out... so Josh & Zak had a little fun
Brad & his hoes - Erin, Cindy, (Brad), and Me - you can tell who's the sober one in this picture haha
Brad's hoes pic #2 - brad looks like a monkey!
Hoe pic #3

...April 1...
Me, Cindy and "our monastery men" Brad & Cory hehe
Cindy, Ginny & ME
Nick, Andy, Cindy, Ginny & Pat
Cindy mollesting me on the couch
Me & Adrian again

...and i forget when these ones were taken...
(back to front) Scott, Fay, me, Cory, Brad and Ginny
Scott, me & Fay
Nick, Suz, Andy, and Joe... Andy's not lookin too good hehe
Al's hoes - Suz & Dara
Suz & Pat
wooOO its Leanne and Fay
Tom and Adrian...lookalikes? nah i dont think so but everyone else does.
me and brad just chillin
Brad and Ginny
Cindy, Me, and Brad... except ya can't see me cuz cindy's squishing me!
another pic of my pimps Brad & Zak
Ginny and Mark...o baby
Andrea, Ginny, Suz, Amy, and stinky Joe in the bacK
me, leah and Dan...ew im kissing him!
Me and Leah!
another pic of me & Adrian
Janice, Adrian, Tanya, Me, Suz, Dil, and Leo

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