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Pictures from the NO CASES in Sydney, Nova Scotia

Danielle & Eric at Jaspers
Me & funky Gary hehehe
Kristen, Natalie, Me & Lisa licking me
Me & Dancer
Lisa, Scott & Natalie posing for Sears hehe
Kyle and Matt at Jasper's
Me & Snake
Kyle, Natalie, Kristen, Me, Joey... and the Bravura onion heh
John, Dancer & Ryan ..male bonding
Ryan, Me & Matt
John likes pringles
Matt and Me
Joey, Lisa, Me, Natalie and Kyle Kyle licking the stuffed bear at Jasper's


Bravura is my friend Kristen's Band... he's the sexy singer... they rock :)
Bravura pic#1
Bravura pic#2... this one's my favorite, it rules
Bravura pic#3
Bravura pic#4
Guitar dude from Bravura
Kristen lookin scary hehe
woOOo guiltTRIP pictures....
GuiltTrip Pic#1
GuiltTRIP pic#2
GuiltTRIP pic#3
Adam from guilttrip
GuiltTRIP pic#4
GuiltTRIP pic#5
Ryan from GuiltTrip
Harry from TILTED...they kicked ass :)

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