these bands kick ass... if you gotta band and want me to put your page link on here... email me and ill do it. til then..check out these bands...

The Ultimate Band List
CDnow - go here and buy lots of cds :)
Find any punk band at


InSeCuRe - go to their page NOW cuz they rock n i love em :)
The Unknown Factors - buddies of mine, but they broke up... they still ruled tho
Crooked Minds - punk band...they are aweSoMmmMmmee
Louis Tubuk - another local punk band, they broke up a long time ago but they were so good they shouldnt hve :(
One I'd Trouser - nifti rockish type band... n i just brought their CD...yay they're getting famous! hehe

non-local BANDS

The Official Bucket Truck Homepage - THEY ROCK!
BRAVURA - a band from cape breton...the singer is the sexiest guy i know hehe
Guilt TRIP another cape breton band...theyruletheyruletheyrule
Chairpage - Official silverchair webpage
Rancid - I wanna Riot
Leah's Bucket Truck Page
Lisa's Grace Babies Page
Official Green Day Homepage
The Unofficial Homepage of Diesel Boy - SOFA KING COOL
The only D.O.A. page that I can find that actually works
LUDDES Sex Pistols Page
Operation Ivy
The Infamous ( Operation ) Ivy Bands
Same Old Story: Pennywise
The Official Pennywise Homepage
Punk Daddy
The Word of Propagandhi
The *Hot Waffles* Homepage
The official Korn site
Official Face to Face Page
The one great homepage of the Ramones
The Official Ramones Homepage
The Vandals
Official 88 Fingers Louie Page