Hotmail - Free Email
Angelfire - Free Homepages
Naked Dancing Llama - hehe its a naked dancing llama
Evil Rubber Chicken Huntin' - die rubber chickens!DIEDIEDIE!
Find-The-Spam - I dunno what the heck I was on when I found this page...
Horoscopes@Astrology Online - ooOoh read yer horoscopes
Duckman - a cool cartoon
Dexter's Labratory - the bestest cartoon
Johnny Bravo - another of my favorite cartoons
Piercing Mildred - give mildred piercings... or tattoos... it's fun!
Kyle's Page of worthless Junk - you'll find a lot of spazzy links here
The Gay Chicken homepage!! - the title speaks for itself hehe
Ewoks ate my balls! - i dont have balls but this is funny
The ANTI-clown page - clowns are EVIL - eekerz! i hate clows
The SCREAM Trilogy - yah scream rocks!
ORGAZMO - this movie kix ass
The Blair Witch Project - this movie made me pee my pants.. j/k hehe
The Sixth Sense - the coolest movie i ever saw!