...we can conquer anything together, all of us are bonded forever...

this page is about lots of my friends... I wrote a bunch of stuff about em and put their pictures up. i love you guys! and if I forgot about anyone, im real sorry... but it takes a while to do this and im just plain lazy heh... and as you can see it's not done yet... be patient.
ok... in no particular order...

FAY - Fay is my bestest friend in the whole world, but she moved to Alberta for the summer :( it sucks. But I got her chinchilla!

LEAH - Lia is one of my bestest friends in the whole world but she goes to school in Ottawa... blah

KYLE - i love kyle so much... he's become one of my bestest friends in a really short period of time. if he ends up moving i dunno what ill do without him

GINNY - Ginnay's an awesome friend and roomate... and Britney Spears' long lost twin sister :)

LISA - Lisa's been my best friend for years...and now she's my step sister... weird eh

CINDY - Cindy's kinda a roomate cuz she's at mine and ginny's place all the time, and she has her own food cupboard! she's my liquor lesbian lover

JOEY - I love Joey but he doesn't love me back. Hey Joey, charlie brown is bald!

JOSH CASHEN - Josh likes to take apart his computer and break it. He's a very odd boy

JOE - Joe is a horny bastard.

NICK - Nick is the coolest dude in the world. He bought me and ginny an awesome housewarming gift. We love you Nick!

SHAWN - Shawn the dealer is our Dealer.... and he makes me pee my pants laughin

ADRIAN - Adrian plays the drums in the coolest band in Antigonish (with the exception of Insecure of course) and I am their official groupie wench :) aw yeah

ANDY - Andy rules.. he taught me how to play caps...and i kicked his ass. well not really. His dream is to go to bingo... or something like that

ERIN - Erin's one of my really good friends too. She works with cranky old people just like me! woo!

RYAN - ryan is so awesome for putting up with me during my obssessive stage... he's a babe... what can i say... ;)

JOSH CHISHOLM - Josh rocks... he stole us chicken for a housewarming gift :) thanx josh we love you too

SUZANNA - suz is my homie... we're neighbours now! yay

NATALIE - Natalie's my little hootchie mama... yah sclub foreva! It sucks tho cuz she moved back to Cape Breton for the summer, oh well... im gonna visit her lots

BRETT - brett rules so much... i consider him one of my best friends even tho we never get to hang out since we do live 2 1/2 hours away... but he's the funniest person ever and he knows everything about me

LAUCHIE - Lauchie's crazy... he likes to hit his head on signs.

PAT - Pat is the coolest... he dresses up like leprachauns and his head feels like a kiwi ;)

KRISTEN -- kristen would look very sexy with a mullet

DANCER - dancer let me live in his house for 3 days... i am very greatful to him... he's also a wicked snowboarder!

RORY - rory's cool... we're buddies in a fun erotic type of way... hehehe

JOHN - john is a really nice guy... im so happy that we're still cool after a certain accident... i love you john!

SNAKE - snake & I hated each other at first, but then he started being real nice to me and he's a babe so i forgave him :) we gotta get drunk soon!

HARRY - i dont know harry that well, but the times i talk to him he seems like a really nice guy and he's really great to talk to