*Our birth dates describe who we are, what we are good at and what our inborn abilities are. It also points to what we have to learn and the challenges we are facing.*

My birth number is 1:

# 1 THE ORIGINATOR 1's are originals. Coming up with new ideas and executing them is natural. Having things their own way is another trait that gets them labeled as being stubborn and arrogant. 1's are extremely honest and do well to learn some diplomacy skills. They like to take the initiative and are often leaders or bosses, as they like to be the best. Being self-employed is definitely helpful for them. Lesson to learn: Others' ideas might be just as good or better and to stay open minded.

Name: Rebecca Joyce Crossman. I go by becky tho...only stupid Brett and some big nosed idiot calls me Rebecca.
Age: 18... 19 in less than 2 months! wOOoh
location: Antigonish, NS, Kanada... but i might be going away to university next year, but im not sure yet
APpearance: go to my picture page to find that out
piercings/tattoos: i gots my eyebrow pierced and my ears pierced. i got 2 holes in my left ear. I'm getting my tongue pierced very very soon.
family: my dad, my step-mom, my step-brother bryan, my 2 sisters Amy & Laura and a step-sister Lisa.
Pets: 3 dogs, 3 cats 'cept one is missing :( and lisa has a hamster...and her fish. And i have a fishee named RuPaul Joe Collis.
Friends: hmm ok well I don't want to name off EVERYONE, so Im just gonna say a little hello to all my closest friends, both in real life and online: y0h kyle, lisa, lia, josh, Joey, Fay, Matt, Brad, Cindy, Ginny, Erin, Suz, Kristen, Dancer, Jono, Greg, Andy, Joe, Pat, Brett, Ryan, Melissa, and everyone else.
Hobbies: hmm .. snowboarding in the winter time... just hanging out.. partying at pats house.. screamin at people... ya know
Music: k big list: silverchair, diesel boy, rancid, the unknown factors, pilfer, bucket truck, green day, pennywise, sex pistols, propagandhi, Operation Ivy, guilt trip, bravura, shortlad hehehehe, uhm... , the dead milkmen, d.o.a., seven mary three... and some others.

oK, well I dunno what else to say about me... but if you want to read more go read this survey that someone emailed me.

If ya ever wanna chat online, my icq # is 9765386 and I go on irc a lot in the channels #Antigonish, #TeenPoolParty, and #Cblocals with the nicks DieselGirl, punkr0ckgirl, and {becky}. I am also on Yahoo Messanger as punk_r0ck_girl and AOL instant messange as xxDIESELGIRLxx.