we're all gay and it's ok, cuz gay means happy and happy means gay
This is Becky's Homepage... HEHEMWAAHAHAEHE


This is My Homepage. I'm a big lazy ass and I hate doing shit to my page...
its boring and stupid and annoying. So I thought hey screw it and thats what
I did. So now instead of just having a sucky homepage, I dont have to take
my time to try to make it better cuz this is all it is. Im only keeping this account
because I do like to add more pictures to my page so that all my friends can see
(click on that to see their homepages, something else im leavin here just to be nice :))
them and whatever.... and my guestbook is here too just incase anyone is bored
enough to sign it, I check it once in a while and get excited when i get new entries
cuz im a big geek. WOOHAW! But just dont leave me a private message because I
will never ever see it because i forgot my password. ..anyways.. welcome to my homepage. :P


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[Matt_C] it's like me and Lauchie, I'll shout out "Play some Blink 182!" and he'll play a bit
and Chris and Adrian get all mad and we laugh

[Punkr0ckgirl] i love lauchie
[Punkr0ckgirl] id do him
[Matt_C] what if he only liked anal?
[Punkr0ckgirl] then we'd be a match made in heaven