Grad Week

Safe Grad
Fay, Leanne, Leah, Suz, Brian, Ginny, Me, Brad & Kenda
Fay, Leanne, & ME voguing
Me, Dawn, Leah, Fay, Manesh, and Amanda
Marian, Leah & Me
Leah, Her dad, and me
Leah, Brad, Kenda (in front) and me... kenda's in my way
Gavin and me at the prom
me, Dawn and Leah
Me and Gavin at my house before the prom
Me and Gavin at Fay&Dawn's apartment after the Prom
Grad Party
Marcy, Leah & Dawn
Gavin, and Leah pretending to be Gavin
gavin & me again
Brad, me and Ricky
This picture of me and Gavin kicks ass
Alissa, Leah, Lisa, & Me
Alissa, Lisa, Me & Pascal
Grad Pictures
Grad Pic #1
Grad Pic #2

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