... this was a pretty intense arguement, but I thought it was pretty funny...

[That70sQuar] Gavin's definitely changed
[That70sQuar] ego maybe?
[DuctTapeSitta] naw
[DuctTapeSitta] my ballz just grew 15 sizes
[That70sQuar] We all know you were castrated at birth
[DuctTapeSitta] yea
[Pilfer] Elephantitis?
[dimendrhodes] stop sitting on the air pump gavin
[DuctTapeSitta] my balls were cut off
[dimendrhodes] heh.
[DuctTapeSitta] cus i'm a hybrid

... i feel so loved ...

[MattOfTheKorn] Becky's my hero
[Pilfer] Now your a man, a man man man, now your a man a mauwny mauny man, NOW YOUR A MAION!!!
[DuctTapeSitta] Becky's THE hero

... whatta dumbass...

[Rufus] What are you doing ?
[{BeX}] masturbating
[Rufus] party on buddy

... hmm... this was just disturbing...

* `PuNkRockGiRl` slaps Dimendrhodes around a bit with a large trout
[Dimendrhodes] get your pussy outta my face!!!
[Dimendrhodes] lol!
[`PuNkRockGiRl`] shut up
[`PuNkRockGiRl`] :P
[CapnMorgan] that was nastyu
[Dimendrhodes] jk becky
[Dimendrhodes] it's not big,
[Dimendrhodes] or fishy... I hope
[CapnMorgan] bad timing to say that
[Dimendrhodes] that was an odd place for discussing supper

... the guys trying to think up a band name...

*** Now talking in #antigonish
*** Topic is 'Name our band: Pickled Sinner's, Greeting Card Ninjas'
*** Set by CapnMorgan on Wed Sep 29 20:10:53
*** roast changes topic to 'Name our band: Pickled Sinner's, Greeting Card Ninjas, Poof'
[Dimendrhodes] how about,,The Cheesy Poofs
[roast] naw
[roast] too cheesy
*** CapnMorgan changes topic to 'Name our band: Pickled Sinner's, Greeting Card Ninjas, Poof, burning churches'
[{pUnkrOckgIrL}] name yer band peckerteeth
[CapnMorgan] yea!
[CapnMorgan] THAT RULES!
[CapnMorgan] *lol*
[CapnMorgan] peckerteehth
[roast] The Snazzledwarf's
[Dimendrhodes] and for an abbreviation.... kyle
*** CapnMorgan changes topic to 'Name our band: Pickled Sinner's, Greeting Card Ninjas, Poof, Jesus wore a strap-on dildo'
[roast] The Ding-a-Long's
[CapnMorgan]diplomatic wong-dong's
[CapnMorgan] spanky bum
[Dimendrhodes] big slick and the red balls
[Dimendrhodes] The didn't enhale, whitehouse cigar porn incidents
[CapnMorgan] muffin stuffed nut balls
[CapnMorgan] trippin balls
[Dimendrhodes] ball bra
[roast] MUAHAHAHHa
[CapnMorgan] Protohootie
[CapnMorgan] Afghanistan Banana Stand
[CapnMorgan] Alien Sex Fiend
[Dimendrhodes] jelly belly
[CapnMorgan] Ass Ponys
[CapnMorgan] Baby Shit Brown
[SCRAGE] butthole cowboy
[CapnMorgan] The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash
[roast] Dinky and Jed's Toadhole Junkie Ass Turnip Crackhead Nosetweezer Duo
[CapnMorgan] Beverley Beer Bellies
[CapnMorgan] Big Balls and the Great White Idiot
[CapnMorgan] i like this one:
[CapnMorgan] Big Daddy Cumbuckets
[SCRAGE] lol
[CapnMorgan] Bill Bixby's Big-Ass Communist Eighteen Wheeler
[SCRAGE] what the fuck are these?
[CapnMorgan] The Black Jewish Homosexual Experience
[CapnMorgan] band names
[SCRAGE] made up by who?
[CapnMorgan] Bob Barker's Sweaty Sack
[CapnMorgan] ME
[CapnMorgan] Bolt Upright and the Erections
[CapnMorgan] Candy Striper Death Orgy
[roast] Hugh G. Rection and the Squirts
[CapnMorgan] Nipple Hardness Factor
[CapnMorgan] Twelve Pound Buttock
[CapnMorgan] Uncle Dickie's Shameless Quickies
[SCRAGE] Shawn: 15 pounds of sweet anal lovin'

... nobody knows im a lesbian...

[roast] gavy
[SCRAGE] hey the fag fomrally known as mike
[SCRAGE] lol
[SCRAGE] j/k
[SCRAGE] [roast] gavy
[SCRAGE] my old lady aunts call me that
[roast] oh
[SCRAGE] heh
[roast] and yer aunt is a fag?
[roast] :P
[SCRAGE] yes
[SCRAGE] and i'm a lesbian

Joey's dumb :P hehe

[{pUnkrOckgUrL}] joey
[{pUnkrOckgUrL}] is yer nick registered?
[Pilfer] i dont think so
[Pilfer] how do i do that?
[{pUnkrOckgUrL}] type /msg nickserv register (password)
[Pilfer] do i put my password in the brackets?
[{pUnkrOckgUrL}] no
[{pUnkrOckgUrL}] just a password
[{pUnkrOckgUrL}] dont put the brackets
[Pilfer] CRAP
[Pilfer] i put exactly what you told me to put
[Pilfer] so guess what my password is
[SCRAGE] pilfer
[SCRAGE] snot
[SCRAGE] something like that
[Pilfer] no it is "Password"
[SCRAGE] lol
[Pilfer] How do i change my password?
[{pUnkrOckgUrL}] type /nickserv set PASSWD newpassword
[Pilfer] There i did it
[dsq] i bet his password is newpassword

kyle's horny

[HorrorKid] shes mine
[Matt_C] Seriously, just joke around with her and be all sweet
[HorrorKid] ill hit on her and ask her friends if she likes me on monday
[HorrorKid] i love to lay eggs
[HorrorKid] i want to eat embreyos
[HorrorKid] these are things we dont say to her
[Matt_C] *lol*
[Matt_C]Give her the ULTIMATE pickup line
[Matt_C] "I want to cum on your ass"
[HorrorKid] hey baby i lost my phone # can i ahve yers
[HorrorKid] i have one.......
[HorrorKid] hey baby why dont you saddle up and ride the bloney pony.....whatcha think?
[Matt_C] Ask her to play the slobbering blues on your bonaphone
[HorrorKid] hahahha!!


[dieselgirl] does anyone have a job for me? that requires payment?
[Matt_C] can you suck my dick?