Bucket Truck show at The Pavillion - April 7, 2000

Joey & Me at Wendy's before the show
Kyle, Mike Stewart, Me and Josh at wendy's
Jarv, Scott, Fay, Me, Matt and Lisa at the Pavillion
Kyle, Me lickin kyle, Joey, Freeman and Josh
Me & Freeman

Bucket Truck

Chris & Mike Stewart
Chris, Jud & Mike S.... hehe Jud looks evil
Jud & Mike S
Jud gettin down hehe
My friend Matt singing MEAN MACHINE with Bucket Truck ... Mike Rowe and Chris also in pic
Matt Wells (Mike Rizkalla & Mike Rowe in background)
Mike Rizkalla & Matt
Matt and Mike Rowe
Matt hanging off the ceiling hehe
matt looking all crazy like
Mike Rizkalla, Matt, & Chris
Mike Rizkalla, Matt, & Chris pic #2
Jud & Mike S
Matt letting my friend Kyle sing some of "Kyle's Day Out"
Chris, Matt, & Mike Rowe
Mike Stewart
Mike Rizkalla & Mike S
Mike Rowe, Jud, & Mike S
Mike Rowe
stinky Jud again

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