Hello, I'm TomC, manager of the ring of TomC's World Award Winners. Thank You for taking the time to visit our homepage. The Ring of TomC's World Award Winners is about the best sites on internet that have been receive "TomC's World Awards" from TomC's World. And of course the purpose of this ring is to increse hits for the winners' site, because they are working so hard and spent lot of time to build their site. If you are interested in joining the ring of TomC's World Award Winners, read the requirement to join this ring. Thank's. "TomC"


1. Your site must receive "Super Excellent Page Award", "Must Bookmark Page Award", "Excellent Design Page Award", "Excellent Celebrity Page Award" or "Award Creativity" from TomC's World

2. You must agree to put the ring "HTML" code somewhere on your page

If you have read and can meet the requirements, you can copy & paste the ring HTML code onto your page, and click "Join" below. Thank's.


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