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Leslie Cheung-My idol

Leslie Cheung has been my idol for over a year now. Why I like him? Well, that's simply because he's so difficult to dislike.'s just that I enjoy watching most of his movies and they usually create quite an impact on me. There has never been an actor whose most of his/her movies make me crave for more. Anyway, here are a few of Leslie's pix I collected over the internet. I've collected so many, I don't know which site I got them from anymore...

The studious Leslie

I think he looks so studious here...this is one of my fave pix cos' I think he looks quite err......studious???

Leslie in Ashes Of Time

He looks a bit grubby here but somehow I like this pic. Maybe it's because of 'that stare'???

Leslie in Days of Being Wild

Hmm...what do I have to say???

More Leslie's pix