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Leopard Series

Leopard Series Stamps

T he clouded leopard ( Harimau Dahan ) is one of the most beautiful of cats, having a coat of distinctive markings. It is the only big cat found in both Peninsular Malaysia andthe island of Borneo. An adult of this species weighs between 11 kg and 20 kg. It has relatively short legs and a thick furry tail which is often as long as the body. The Clouded Leopard is found in Southeast Asia and as far as Nepal, but nowhere is abundant. It is a solitary animal, elusive, an expert climber and a good swimmer. It feeds on a wide range of animals including monkeys, deer and pigs. Dispite legal protection in many countries, including Malaysia, its population is on the decline.

Technical Details

Date of Issue 		: April 18, 1995 	
Stamp Size 		: 30.54mm x 38mm	
Denomination 		: 20¢, 30¢, 50¢, RM 1.00 
Sheet Content 		: 100 stamps	
Sheetlet 		: RM 8.00	
Perforation 		: 13.75	
Paper 			: Unwatermarked	
Printing Process 	: Litography	
Printer 		: Joh. Enschede, Netherlands 	
First Day Cover 	: 20¢	
Presentation Pack 	: RM 3.00