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Malaysian Turtles

Malaysian Turtles Stamps

S ea turtles have been on earth for over 100 million years. Turtles, like other reptiles such as crocodiles, lizards and snakes, have scaly skin, breathe air, lay eggs , have body temperatures that fluctuates with the temperature of the environment.
The hard bony shell, or 'carapace', on the back of the turtle offers protection from its enemies.It is composed of living tissue that includes the ribs and vertebrae along with bony elements that evolved from the scaly skin. The front and rear flippers of the sea turtle have been specially adapted for swimming. Although sea turtles can swim under water for long period of time, they will drown if they are unable to come up for air.
Over the past 30 years, there has been a general decline in numbers of turtles in Malaysia. Female turtles must return to the nest on the beach, but this, the most important part of their life cycle is now being threatened. Many of their nesting grounds are disturbed and have become unsuitable for nesting. The irresponsible actions of people are destroying the turtle populations of Malaysia. Unless these actions are checked, the turtles are will soon become extinct. Of the seven different kinds of sea turtles in the world, four visit the beaches of Malaysia to lay eggs.