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50th Anniversary of IATA

Iata 50th Anniversary Stamp

T he International Air Transport Association (IATA) Annual General Meeting is an important event in the calendar of the airline industry, that is well supported and attended by Chief Executives of Airlines from all over the world. Not only it is an unprecedented honour for Malaysia to host such a prestigious event but it also represent a wonderful opportunity for these chiefs of airlines to experience Malaysia firsthand.
This meeting represents a great honour for both host country Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines, as the presidency of IATA this year is held by the chairman of Malaysia Airlines, Tan Sri Dato' Tajudin Ramli. Interest in IATA among the airline industry is an all-time high, with record of over 220 airlines currently in its membership. Its members carry more than 95 percent of world's scheduled international air traffic under the flags of over 120 different nations.
While the global airline industry has evolved since IATA was founded in1945, the major purpose of the Association has not changed. It is to ensure that worldwide airline traffic moves with greatest possible speed, safety, security, convenience and efficiency for passengers and cargo shippers - and with utmost economy for its members. "IATA's role and significance have increased significantly over the past decade in line with the globalisation of the industry," said Tan Sri Dato' Tajudin Ramli at the last annual general meeting held in Mexico City where he assumed the presidency. " There is every sign that the industry is moving into a new chapter of aviation history - a chapter that will perhaps begin to redefine and broaden the entire industry." With a view to re-positioning the Association and re-defining its structure and role, the 51st Annual General Meeting in Kuala Lumpur will be a critical one as the Association seeks to find new ways of serving its members more effectively, not only in the next few critical years of the industry, but well into the 21st century.
These specially designed stamps depicting 2 se-tenant pairs of the 30 sen and 50 sen commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) which also coincides with the 51st Annual General Meeting of IATA to be held in Kuala Lumpur on 30 and 31 October 1995. The four stamps depict Malaysia Airlines' major destinations. The 30 sen se-tenant pairs features a Malaysian background and the Asia/Australia/New Zealand destinations. The 50 sen se-tenant pair depicts Europe/Africa and the Americas. The IATA logo is prominently displayed in all four stamps.

Technical Details

Date of Issue 		: 30 October 1995 
Denomination 		: 2 se-tenant pairs 30¢ & 50¢ stamp 
Size 			: 28mm x 37.7mm 
Perforation 		: 14.15 x 13.45 
Paper 			: Unwatermarked, Phosphor Coated Printing 
Process 		: Lithography 
Printer 		: Joh. Enchede, Netherlands 
Sheet Content 		: 100 stamps 
Stamp Designer 		: ISC - Bullseye 
First Day Cover 	: 20¢ 
Presentation Pack	: RM 3.00