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Master Sun Da Fa

Master Sun Da Fa is a Doctor of Internal Qi Gong from Shanghai in the People's Republic of China.

He teaches all aspects of Qi Gong and has been rated by the Chinese Government as one of the top five Qi Gong experts in China. He is highly regarded as a Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner and specialises in treating chronic diseases.

Master Sun was born into a family of traditional internal martial artists and began his training with his grandfather, the renowned Hsing I Chuan martial artist, at the age of ten. After mastering many martial art forms, Master Sun became well known for his healing Qi abilities. His Masters also taught him herbal medicine, acupressure and massage techniques. Some of his techniques are ancient and known by few people in the world.

He is recognised as the inheritor of certain martial art forms that he keeps in his practice for the National Committee of Physical Education in China. He is considered a Living Treasure and is also well known for his Hard Qi Gong. Featured in the 1966 video "Three Year National Survey of Chinese Martial Artists Chi Gong Gung Fu" was his Taoist Hard Qi Gong, the Nei Gong Yi Zhi Chan Chan.

Positions held by Master Sun:

President, Shanghai Human Intelligence Qi Gong Research Institute
President, Jin Tu Qi Gong Healing Research Association, Japan
Director, Shanghai Style Tai Ji Quan Institute
Director, Shanghai Qi Gong Research and Rehabilitation Center

On September 18, 1988, Master Sun was appointed Level One Medical Doctor in Qi Gong, Shanghai Qi Gong Research and Rehabilitation Center, for having performed outstanding research in this branch.

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