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All About Kevin!!!

Well I thought it was time to make Kevin a webpage of his own. He had one awhile ago but we changed internet providers and it has gone *poof. Anyways where to start... Kevin was born in Alaska in May of 1974. His father was in the Navy so they have lived all over the place... lets see... from Alaska to Georgia to California and I do believe Texas was in their some place as well! The majority of the time they were in California until his family moved up here to Idaho and he moved shortly there after and has been here for about 6 or 7 years now. A little information on the family he is the middle of three children he has an older brother and a younger brother. Lot's of aunts and uncles at least on one side of the family and I have no clue how many cousins. He married his "high school sweetheart" but they later divorced.

Kevin and I originally met back in the fall of 1998. I was starting school at EITC and needed a computer and Kevin was one of 3 associates that helped me in the store that day. Once I started getting all computer smart I installed and starting using ICQ. By chance we ended up talking on ICQ. As it turns out he was also going to school at EITC but was in a different program then I was in (I was in the paralegal program he was in electronics). We started hanging out during lunch and stuff and became good friends. At this time I was involved with my daughters father and Kevin was just finishing up his divorce. I moved out of state for a little bit and then Shaianns dad and I split up and I moved back to Idaho. About a month after Shaiann was born Kevin and I started dating. We also learned during this time that his parents were moving out of town. He was unsure what he was going to do so to make things simple he moved in with me. We then moved into a bigger house and then last year we moved into an even bigger house (the one we are currently in).

Hobbies and stuff... well to start Kevin LOVES animals, cats and wolves especially. He is into comic books (Spiderman and the Fantastic Four to name a couple), movies (Jet Li, blow em up guy movies), computers, games, Stargate SG-1, Babylon 5, Macgyver, and a big time 80s music fan!


When I get more pics I will add them on... especially some more of his younger years... don't have any baby pics of him...

Kevin and Tiny taken a nap... Kev was 12 or 13 in this pic.

Kevin taking a break from playing some basketball at school... age 13..

Kevin relaxin on the couch with Mittens, Senior year 1992.

All dressed up for the school dance.

Relaxing with some of his friends at a school dance, again Senior year.

Up close and personal eh? This was taken about 2 years ago.

Lets see Kevin and my sister Julie along with my niece Lexi, Shaiann, and Trevor on Trevors Birthday (2001).

hehehe Kevin and Shaiann... this was Shaianns first Christmas.