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All About Me!

Well I thought that sense this is my webpage that I should update my section of it FINALLY. I have done everyone elses but mine! Whoops! I also thought I would add a few more pics to it too! First thing to note for those of you that don't know the song that is playing is called She's Every's one of my all time favorite songs... and I have been told that the words remind people of me. Anywho the lyrics can be found here

Well I was born in May of 1978 to my parents Norris and Sharon. This is my very first picture! Now don't laugh I know I was funny looking but hey who isn't in their first baby pic?

Here's a little secret for you if you don't know, my real name is Siobhan. I know I know, it's a strange name, but blame my parents not me! It's pronounced Shavon. Anyway back to the other stuff. I was born and raised in a small town in Idaho. Below there is a picture of me from when I was about year old, I think Trevor and I look a lot alike!

I have a very large family consisting of 3 sisters and 4 brothers. Only two of my sisters are actually biologically related to me, but the others have been around so long that I consider them my real brothers and sister. Let's see in age order it goes, Bob, John, Scott, Julie, Vicki, Joan, Cody, and then me! Yeap I am the baby of the family. Julie and Joan are my real sisters. I have spent my whole life in the same town. I attended public schools in the area. Below is another picture of me. This picture was taken when I was about 5, when I was still cute! I miss having long hair!

Wow... haven't updated this for awhile... still said that I lived in Shelley and I haven't lived there for 3 years... whoops! I am currently living in Idaho Falls. I am not working although I am looking for work. So right now I am basically a stay at home mom raising two little devils in angels clothing. Let's see... I like gardening, sewing (plastic canvas), playing Trivia, computers, chatting, movies, spending time with the kids, and peace and quiet when I get some!

More Pictures!!!

Ok this first round of 4 pictures were all taken at the same time. My best friend Gina had this great idea that we would go have some glamour shots done. Although the dude taking the pics was very very creepy we had a blast and laughed all night!

Although these pics are a little older I still like them anyways. These were taken the night of Senior Prom (I Think... no... maybe Commencement...). Anywho I loved this dress and still have it! Oh and the goofy pose in the one picture was my step-dads idea not mine!!!!