Rick Boven's BIO
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Alright peoples.. I am going to try and adlib this until I can get the words from Rick's mouth.. If you are looking here Rick you might want to fill me in on this info bud. Snootchie Bootchies Boven Nootchies!

Rick Boven


September 2, 1983

Hey what kinda website is this ?

Hmmm. . .of all time ? Hands down Norman Rockwell. The expressions, the background . . .Norm's got it goin' on ! In comics, I would have to narrow it down to Jeff Campbell. For most of the same reasons.

A bath. (ba dum Ching) No, for real, it would have to be people, thier faces in particular.

My own book . . .selling faster than retailers could keep up. Oh yeah, and an office with a air hockey table.

First and foremost, Penciler, Crackpot Writer, and occasional Inker.

I've kinda put my R.J. work on hold for a while, and am pursuing other venues of publishing. But, when I return, I plan to FINISH the Star Wars Preveiw. ( Don't worry A-man )

Playing guitar and singin' in the best darn Punk/Funk rock band in Alpena, Princess Fabulous ! ! Mad Props to Eth-man, Nate, and Sean !

I am a young Virgo, who enjoys long walks on the beach, bike riding, and cuddling.

Trust me kids, Strangers have the BEST candy. If some guy pulls up to you in his rusty buick skylark, and asks you to take a ride, DO IT ! Even if you've never seen him before, and he smells like Cheez-its, your mother sent him. He wouldn't lie about that.Just push the ropes and kitchen knives off the back seat, and enjoy ! . . . . .God that was wrong . . .