Joshua Niedzwiecki's BIO
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O.k. here we go now this is more like it. I am going to do a little bit of info on myself.. check out below so you can see and know all that is Joshua Niedzwiecki... a.k.a. NIED, a.k.a. APOCALYPSE...Enjoy!

Joshua Niedzwiecki


September 6, 1980

MALE (You can check if you want too)

Joe Madureira, His artwork represents a style and a life that only MAD! can do. Joe Madureira all the way.

That would have to be a new character. When you design and draw a new character, you can change anything at any time.. you can basically just let your mind flow with ideas. New characters are the best.

My dream job would be penciling my own book so that I can feel free to do what I want with it. No restrictions and my ideas don't go unnoticed. My own book would have to be the dream job. And it would be published by some big name that produces some stuff that I already like... IMAGE,CLIFFHANGER,WILDSTORM.. one of those would be the one to publish it. I would draw all the time and go to the comic shop and pic up one of my issues and marvel at my accomplishments. Yeah.. that would be my dream job.

Penciler, Creator, WebDesigner.. and the occasional Writer.

Penciler, Creator on both Gate of Darkness and Dangerous Secrets... and Designing the Webpage..takes some time to do this. :)

Drawing, Bikeriding (off road as well as on), Basketball, Tennis

That would have to be driving around listening to tunes just crusing.. or going to my girlfriends house. It's a blast hanging out with her or just being with her. Love you babe.

Well now that about raps up my bio. I am working sooo many different things that I am busy all the time. I hope you guys are enjoying the page so far. Don't worry this page will be kept up now that I upgraded my modem to one that works. :) As for projects.. I am hopeing to get a book on the market for the end of the year. If not, then someone has to be blind.. JK. Peace Out Ladies and Gents. Nuff Said!