Adam Kaiser's BIO
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Alright.. here we go again.. another info I have not page. Sheesh for wanting this page up so bad these two are slacking off. Well adlib time again.

Adam Kaiser


haven't a clue

MALE (Females.. I'm sure you can confirm)

Jim "me sign" Lee

Draw.. the A man.. I don't think so.. Writing on the other hand.. this boy can write some kick @$$ stuff.

Writer Extrodionare

Writer Extrodionare

This boys' the Writer on quite the many projects featured on this page.. He wrote that StarWars Preview, Dangerous Secrets & Gate of Darkness are all stories the Chewbaccaster came up with.

The Big A man spends his hobbies.. writing... this much I know

see above :)

Well kiddies, like before this page was cut short due to the parties envolved. Don't you think those boys should get me some stuff.. Only time will tell.. Until then enjoy the rest of the pages.