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New users may not know that 7-§titches was once called "ANIMOSITY" a FIVE piece band out of Delta, BC; RICHARD_MACDONALD , MARC LUNG, RICHARD COLLINS, PHIL LAM. KYLE BUTTMYRE. USERS before this sites face-lift know why and how "ANIMOSITY" broke-up. And how the remaining members felt. So with that in mind DEADlock Productions would not like to get into it.

The TWO remaining members never stopped writting after the seperation and not long after, they seeked a third member to begin 7-§TITCHES.

Lead Guitarist_R_I_C_H_A_R_D__C_O_L_L_I_N_S


Lead Vocals and Rythm Guitar_M_A_R_C__L_U_N_G

There sound is of a diverse background of PUNK, METAL, ALTERNATIVE, and HIP-HOP. Songs like "Hang-Time" and "Way 2 Go" play with the emotions of the listner, warping there imagination with the imagery of Morbid Suicides, greef, and pain. but also creating a point of awarness, like in the song "Why!" not unlike "One Last Hit", speaks about the deadliness behind the Disgusting Glamour of SUBSTANCE ABUSE.

But not all of there songs are of gloomy hatred and fears. songs like "Contemplate", "Livin' it up", and "Walk Away" Shout out with its punk sound about the Teenage times, and Needs.

Say what You wish about them but, Read and Hear the Lyrics before Criticizing the Band.