Web Designer/Webmaster and the history of this web page

First of all I want to personally thank K.(Kelvin) Mark Duncan for his time and effort and patience in editing this website. Mark is a professional writer and was the 2010 President of the 1888 Message Study Committee. And my deepest apology to the 8 million plus readers who visited this site since 1999, who laugh at my misspelled words and poor grammar reading this through, again my apology. Dale Stivers alias name Benjamin Christian - Web designer.

Hello my name is Dale Stivers but I go by my alias name Benjamin Christian. I developed this site back in June 1999 while learning HTML code. You see I am a computer programmer and learning HTML was to me learning another programming language. I myself am a lifelong Seventh-day Adventist, born and raise one. I first heard about the 1888 Message in my senior high school year in 1977. But in 1989 it came back up again watching a weekend video made by the pastor's son at his church. The speaker name was Alexander Synman! Then in 1990 I got my first copy of cassette tapes recorded at the 6th Annual 1888 Message Summer Meetings at Pioneer Memorial Church at Berrien Springs Michigan. Listening to them got me really hooked into this message. As I study more and more and learn more and more about this precious message, I knew it had to be shared with everyone! In 1992 I attended the 8th Annual 1888 Message Summer Meetings at Union College. That is were I meet Elder Robert J. Wieland and Donald K. Short for the first time. I also meet with Alexander Snyman and Jerry Finneman along with the other 1888 guest speakers there. So in June 1999 while leaning HTML code webpage design, I made a "1888" website and put everything that I've learn on it. I also put a counter on it and as the years went by from June 1999 the visitors began to grow. By February 2012 we had over 8 million hits, who came to visit this site! But since I had a big and very very long web page site, I knew that I have to revised it and make it much simpler to the general public to look at. So in June 2012 I started to revise this precious web site. Thirteen years latter I have revised it and hope that more and more people will enjoy this site and will tell others about it!