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Recommended Links

"CORVUS.ORG" (www.corvus.org/) - Great site for a variety of info on the Genus itself, not just crows and ravens. Good pics also.

"SHINY OBJECTS" (//members.xoom.com/Ravens_Keep/shiny.htm) - Awesome display of crows and ravens in picture gallery, although most species are those from down-under.

"CROWS, RAVENS, JAYS AND MAGPIES" (www.well.com/user/crow/corvid.html) - An extensive amount of various information concerning corvids.

"THE AVIARY" (www.shades-of-the-night.com/aviary) - One of the best link sites, plus has a good science section, sounds of corvids, and information on what to do if you find an injured bird.

"FOR THE LOVE OF CROWS" (www.zeebyrd.com/corvi29/index.html">) - Nice all-around site with lots of links, a corvine library, corvine terminology, and a photo album.

"AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CROW AND RAVENS" (www/azstarnet.com/~serres/) - Club information, extensive link network, merchandise for the corvid lover, and much more.

A couple of topic-specific science pages related are:

"BEHAVIORAL BIOLOGY GROUP" (cricket.unl.edu/Kamil.html)- A study on seed-caching birds.

"CORVID PROJECT" (www.sfbbo.org/projects04.html) - Related to changing Bay area bird populations.

"The Galway Vino Tinto Swerve Dog Chronicles" (www.angelfire.com/id/ravensknowledge/orange.html) -