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    New Shows (none)

What's up Kiddies? It's been a while eh? We currently have no shows booked, and half of the band has gone off to school so who knows when the next show will be.........If you guys really miss us email us and tell us.

The Raskalz are a band from Danville, IL and are made up of seven uniquely diverse musicians. A guitarist, a bassist, three horns, a drummer, and a latin percussionist. The band was formed in early ‘98 to have fun and not abide by any sort of genre of music. The band has reached it first year in May of ‘99. They recorded a D.I.Y. EP at Pogo Recording Studios in Champaign, IL in early ‘99. Since the beginning, the seven piece band has only wished to create something new, something that their fans can hold on to. With the band’s move to add a latin percussionist to their already diverse sound in the late of ‘98, the band hoped to create something unique. Their first EP will for sure put you on a musical roller coaster! And, hopefully get you caught in its hooks and riffs, so you can get in line and ride the roller coaster again and again.

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