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Pokemon Wave Sound Files

I have gathered Pokemon Wave files from around the web and brought them to you here. Just click on the link to go to the page where you can listen to it. Where the file is uploaded is where you download from. You can download these at will and use them on your website with no copyrights being broken.

Ash vowing to be the best
Catapie And Pikachu
Clefairy Chants
Oak talking about Gary
Team Rocket's motto by Ashco
Team Rocket's Motto (Japanese)
James praising the fishing net
Jiggypuff Singing
Pikachu Ranting
Pikachu Singing
Pokédex: Togepy (first half)
Pokédex: Togepy (second half)
Team Rocket motto interupted
Team Rocket Motto (English)
Opening Theme (English)
Meowth wanting to be traded
"Who's that Pokémon?"
Ash doesn't think it's funny
Ash wants to boogie!
Ash doesn't use "Radical"
Nurse Joy's lecture
Pokémon? Get daze!
Dexter explaining itself
Pikachu Wins
Meowth: rambling
Pikachu's speech
Ash: "Pokéball go!"
"Gotta catch 'em all!"
Ash gives a team speech
Ash catches Pidegotto
James dreaming about Pokémon
Misty dreams about siblings
Team Rocket feeling stupid
Vulpix's Pokédex info; Misty
Pikachu: 'kachu
James and Hitmonlee
Meowth: Bad human
Meowth: Hold on tight!
Misty's a Seel
Pikachu laughing
James is hungry
TR thanking their fans
James: Tentacruel World!
Meowth happy about picnic
Ash is lost

Pokémon Cries
Arbok's Cry
Balbasuar's Cry
Chansey's Cry
Caterpie's Cry
Charmander's Cry
Cloyster's Cry
Cubone's Cry
Ekans's Cry
Geodude's Cry
Goldeen's Cry
Hitmonchan's Cry
Horsea's Cry
Jiggypuff 's Cry
Magic Carp's Cry
Oddish's Cry
Pikachu's Cry
Psyduck's Cry
Raichu's Cry
Scyther's Cry
Squirtle's Cry
Tentacool's Cry
Togepy's Cry
Vulpix's Cry
Diglett's Cry
Ditto's Cry
Dragonite's Cry
Dugtrio's Cry
Electabuzz's Cry
Exeggcute's Cry
Exeggutor's Cry
Gengar's Cry
Gloom's Cry
Golem's Cry
Gravel's Cry
Grimer's Cry
Hypno's Cry
Kadabra's Cry
Kangaskhan's Cry
Koffing's Cry
Machoke's Cry
Mankey's Cry
Metapod's Cry
Muk's Cry
Onix's Cry
Persian's Cry
Pidgey's Cry
Pidgeotto's Cry
Ponyta's Cry
Primeape's Cry
Raichu's Cry
Raticate's Cry
Rattata's Cry
Snorlax's Cry
Starmie's Cry
Tangela's Cry
Tentacool's Cry
Tentacruel's Cry
Venemoth's Cry
Venonat's Cry
Voltorb's Cry
Vulpix's Cry
Weepingbell's Cry
Weezing's Cry
Zubat's Cry
Meowth's Cry
Togepy Cry 1
Togepy Cry 2