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Photo galleries by Ken Levy

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Geranium Bud
        © Ken Levy


Collectors' Editions

Our visitors tell us these are among their favorite images, compiled from all of our galleries. Here, as with every image we sell, 20% of your purchase goes directly to the Idaho Foodbank.

Images from
the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

With Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks as its focal point, this 20 million-acre region features abundant wildlife and habitat...in one of the last, almost intact ecosystems on Earth.

Water & Ice, Teton Canyon
    © Ken Levy

Photograph of Barn, Grand Tetons, Idaho
Barn, Grand Tetons, Idaho                  © Ken Levy


Disappearing Legacy: Old Barns of the West

A rare collection not available elsewhere, this photo-documentary presents the beauty, character and majesty of these classic, ancient icons of America. They evoke a nostalgia that continues even as they fade from the American landscape, until only the photos themselves remain. More than 15 images of these beautiful barns are featured in Barn in the U.S.A., by Bob Crittendon.

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Companion site: Icons: Old Barns of the East




Wildlife, Critters & Bugs

Bull moose, thread-waisted wasps, badgers and trumpeter swans populate this up-close-and-personal menagerie of creatures. Horses charge into open range in Montana, a bull elk bugles to his harem, and a tiny green frog watches in patient anticipation, as a lily pad flower is about to open. Stop in for a visit!

Bull Moose PHOTO
Kit Fox
                © Ken Levy

haunted house Photograph
Haunted by Frost                                 © Ken Levy

Abstract & Avant Garde imagery

Random explorations and experiments. Sometimes it's a tight crop of a well-known subject that transforms the image into something unexpected. Sometimes it's a way to see things that few others have the opportunity to observe. Either way, shooting found objects often gets the most incredible results.


News and Event Photography

I've spent most of my life shooting images for newspapers, magazines, special sections and the Web. I've gathered a few favorites and award winners here for your perusal. These images are updated regularly.


Hot air Balloon Photo
Attached from Within
           Ken Levy

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