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Abstract & Misc. Photography

All images and content © Ken Levy

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Poppy  Photograph

Sunset of Man Photograph
In your eyes

Aloe Vera Photograph
The monster within



Escape Photograph

Geranium Photograph
Geranium Bud

Water and Ice Photograph
Water and Ice



Frosted Haunted House Photograph
Haunted by Frost

Hot Air Balloon Photograph
Attached From Within

Artist Texture Photograph
in magenta



Antique Shop photo
Antique Shop Window

Hulls gulch boise Photograph
Sunset, Hulls Gulch

Alium Photograph



Pike Place Market Photograph

Pike Place Market

Undulate Photograph

Sunset of Man Photograph
Dormouse Newborns



Don't go above the canopy!
"Don't Go
Above the Canopy!"

Sonoran Desert Barrel Cactus Photograph
Barrel Cactus Sonoran Desert, Arizona

Sheila's Perfume



winter of 2017
Winter of '17:
Frozen gas

Zion Bark
Zion Bark

Steinke Barn Photograph
Steinke's Barn

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