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Phantasm 5, Join the Fight!

I know everyone has heard about the legendary Phantasm 5 script. Well the script really does exist. I heard Phantasm 5 was suppose to shoot last summer, but nobody would budget the film. The Phantasm 5 script was written by Roger Avary who co-wrote the Academy Award winning movie "Pulp Fiction" with Quentin Tarantino. I e-mailed the Offical Phantasm website several months ago asking about a Phantasm 5 sequel. This is what they had to say: We have heard some rumors of the possibility of a Phantasm 5. The other possibility is if one of the "big shots" at a movie studio finally decides to finance the legendary Roger Avary script.

We need a sequel to Phantasm IV Oblivion! Here's your mission, I want you to e-mail the following studios telling them how much you love the Phantasm series, How badly you want to see a sequel, etc. Be nice!! Don't be rude!! If you want just write down the e-mail addresses and e-mail them as much as you desire till a sequel is made! Fight for Phantasm 5! Thanks for taking the time to read this section. When I find out more information about a sequel, I'll post what I find out on the Attention Section (bottom of this section). And if you decide to "enlist for the duration", Thanks for fighting for a Phantasm sequel!

E-mail these studios:

October Films

Newline Cinema

Sony Pictures


-January 2nd, 2001: As you can tell, I renamed this section again. The Phantasm script has a new title now, it's called "Phantasm's End". This script has gone through several name changes. Instead of renaming this section evertime the script is renamed, I'll just stick with one name. The new name will be "Phantasm 5, Join the Fight!". When the movie is in production and a final title is named, then i'll rename this section to it's proper name. As of right now, I don't have anymore big news on the production status of this script. For updated information on the Phantasm 5 script go to the offical "Phantasm's End" fight site owned by John Klyza. There's another link on the bottom of this page. For right now, Keep e-mailing those studio's (above)!

-November 27th, 1999: Phantasm 1999 just got a new name! Now it's called Phantasm 2012 A.D. On Roger Avarys webpage, he said that they would be changing the title to Phantasm 2012 A.D. The reason why Roger Avary changed the name to 2012 is because that is the end of the Mayan calender. Pretty neat, huh? I'm gonna change everything to Phantasm 2012. Now this section will be called "Phantasm 2012, Join the Fight!" On the Phantasm 1999 site which is owned by John Klyza, he did a major remodel job on that site! He changed the title to "Phantasm 2012 A.D.". I stronly suggest you go and visit that site. You can click here or follow the banner below this page. John's website contains everything you want to know about Phantasm 2012 plus more! It's a pretty big website and it also features awesome graphics. I'll do another update as soon as I get more information to update you on the progress of "Phantasm 2012 A.D."

-April 19th, 1999: If they make a new Phantasm film it might be called "Phantasm Millenium" instead of "Phantasm 1999". They would call it "Phantasm Millenium" because, It's 1999 so it might be too late for a "Phantasm 1999". If this information is true, Could "Phantasm Millenium" be filmed next summer? This is my opinion of course. It would be a great surprise if they made it for the new Millenium. I'll do another update as soon as I get new information to update you on the progress of "Phantasm 1999"

Click the banner below to check out the Phantasm 1999 (now called "Phantasm's End") fight site created by John Klyza.

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