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Point Conception: More Commentary
On the Western Gate

Commentary On Point Conception: the Chumash Western Gate


Point Conception is considered by many contemporary Chumash Indians of Southern California, to be the Western Gate through which their souls enter the heavens after death. This web page provides commentary from readers, about the controversy generated by the development of the California Spaceport near Point Conception. See the link called Home for further information on the religious site.

Theo Radic: Commentary From Sweden

"Your generous sites were quite accessible and have provided me with valuable information to add to many years of private studies on Native Californian cultures, for which I thank you. I have camped often at Jamala and made the four-mile walk to Humqaq with reverence, sharing the fear of the Chumash that it may one day be laid waste like the coastline between Los Angeles and San Diego has been laid waste."

"Reading your websites I feel compelled to write considering the threat of the spaceport and the horrifying prospect of this splendid coastline becomeing "little Los Angeles" like the San Fernando Valley."

(Letter to John Anderson, from Theo Radic, April 14, 1999. Radic is the author of the book called The Whetting Stone, which includes a chapter on Chumash music and poetry, second edition 1998, Syukhtun Editions, Stockholm, Sweden. Radic's book called Hitch Hiker In Hades also contains Chumash materials, focusing on the coastal town of Shalawa, also called Hammond's Meadow in Montecito; located near Santa Barbara. His email is

This web page presents the views of the commentators, and does not necessarily represent
the views of the Chumash Indians, either individually or in a group.

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