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August 7, 1999 (Postcard)

Last week in my village - my family (mother, sister, and brother (& slave) spent 3 days planting rice in the fields;  a giant spider (as big as my open hand) ran over my foot;  a girl committed suicide because her husband left her (the entire village went to see her body where she hung herself - very disturbing);  Geoff and i taught (tried to) English to a dozen children - and played water balloon games, and learned dances, and taught exercises to their mothers.  On Monday,  I will get [a tattoo] on my palm, lasts for a month.

Things are pretty fun!  (And Hot!)   -- Mark

PS - pictures on the way

Here's the postcard Mark sent.  Who is this guy?  We couldn't figure it out.  Email me if you know.


Note: The brackets above stand for writing that was blocked out by postal markings. We think it reads "a tattoo," based on what we could make out around the markings and a drawing at the top of the card -- a human hand with a swirl pattern on the palm.

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