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July 13, 2000 (Email)
A Special "Hello"

I'm still in Kathmandu. The nurse will check me out again tomorrow - after I've finished taking my battery of medication for the cyclospora. I think she'll let me leave Kathmandu - but she may not if there is still any cyclospora in my system. I'm thankful I had this "break," but I am ready to go back to Janakpur. The novelty of a new city and my money are both quickly running out.

Oh - I'd like to say a special "hello" to Jill's father and family. Apparently, they actually read and even talk about all these emails that you copy onto the internet.

Everything is set for Mary-Lou's coming down to Janakpur a week from Monday. I think the women at the center are excited. I just need to find a good site in which to hold the workshop.

Let me know if you want to meet somewhere during Dasain in October. I'll understand if it's not worth the expense to travel for only a week - if that's the longest you could get away. I have a lot of unused vacation days saved up to use in October. If I make it to Europe, I'll plan to stay longer than a week. Or I could travel somewhere nearby - Tibet, Agra. Or do a trek (less likely). A lot of my friends' vacation schedules have worked out nicely - I've gotten to watch them travel during the past month or two when it actually made sense to travel.


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