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July 9, 2000 (Email)
Vegas, Baby, VEGAS!*

I've been in Kathmandu for 5 days or so. I was waiting to get over my latest illness (cyclospora, if you want to look it up) before I called. As of yesterday, I feel fine and have gained back a lot of weight - although I'm still taking medication. I probably won't call tonight because you might be at church. Maybe tomorrow morning...

Everything is fine here. It's funny how many people have mentioned Las Vegas lately. Yesterday - Satyam told me of her, her two sisters', and their various friends' plans to go to Las Vegas next summer (they all plan to be working or studying in the states by then). Last night over dinner (sushi), Dick began plans for our 2002 one-year anniversary - in Las Vegas. Las Vegas also came up a few times when Nate, Thuy, Tyler, and I went to the casino yesterday at the Soaltee Hotel.

We also bowled at the new bowling alley adjacent to the Soaltee (136).

I'm so happy to be away from Janakpur for a bit so I can do fun things like these (things other than staring at the walls and sweating). The weather in Kathmandu is fantastic.

I'll talk to you before I go back.


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* This is a famous quote from the movie "Swingers.Click here to hear it for yourself.