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June 11, 2000 (Email)
Bored, But Healthy

Things are going OK here. I just got back to Janakpur today. Virginia isn't coming back because of the bad experiences she's been having here. Again, the Indian culture is just so hard to deal with, and it never seems to get easier or let up. She'll probably go to a new post in the eastern hills -- a beautiful part of Nepal. I think she's going to be OK.

I met a lot of volunteers while I was in Kathmandu for medical. Everyone seems as bored as I am while we sweat through monsoon. A lot of my friends seemed self-conscious about the fact that they're not doing much now. Somehow, I'm not. 

The medical office told me I was in perfect physical health.

Not much new to say except how hot and muddy it is in Janakpur compared to Kathmandu. I may be back up briefly in about a month. Until then, I'll hope to hear from you on this account.


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