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April 15, 2000 (Email)
Micro-Enterprising Conference

Mom/Dad,  2 Baisok, 2057 

Just got back from the micro-enterprising conference. It was, by far, the best of the three conferences I went to. It was very useful for Juni's and my counterparts from the women's center, and I think it gave us a lot of credibility. We've been saying all along that the center needed to re-evaluate basic things such as costing, pricing, salary determination and order processing -- all of which topics were brought up at the conference. Previous managers at the center focused on increasing aid and donations of money, equipment, etc. from outside organizations or in increasing our orders. Nobody ever noticed that our costs are so high that our profit margin is nonexistent (we're probably losing money on a lot of the things we produce).

I'll try to call sometime before I leave Kathmandu. 


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