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February 8, 2000 (Phone)
Yet Another Holiday

Mark called from Kathmandu, just before 10:00 tonight.   He is there for a long weekend -- four days.  The holiday is in honor of the goddess of knowledge, so, of course, the schools are closed.

He says he is now doing some work for the Janakpur Women's Development Centre.

Mark says his three friends from Penn State are all definitely coming to Asia this spring.  We began to talk again about where to meet him this summer.  Mark said if we come to Kathmandu, we would stay in the tourist sections.  He suggested that we look at fares to Bangkok.  (Plane fares directly to Kathmandu are very expensive!)

We asked how he was and he said he had a period of two weeks when he was not sick.  Then, he went to the wedding of the niece of a co-worker.  At the celebration that was held four days later, he was served rice and yogurt, spicy vegetables, and water.  He knew it was very risky to eat and drink, but he did.  One day later he was ok, so he knew he didn't have a bacterial infection, but three days later he was sick with an amebic disease again.

The new PC Trainees have arrived and spent a few days in Kathmandu before going to their training area in Hetauda.  Jill was in Kathmandu and got to meet them.  Mark is going to ask for permission (this is required) to go to Hetauda, which is on the bus route back to Janakpur, and visit them.

Mark told us about a few other friends from home whom he had been calling, using  (This is a web-based service which allows free phone calls anywhere in the U.S.  Mark has access to Dialpad whenever he is in Kathmandu.)  At that point the connection broke off.

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