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Calcutta Rowing Club (CRC) Estd: 1858, celebrated its 150th year. To commemorate the event they conducted the First International Friendship Regatta from 26-29 November 2008. It was a huge success with teams from various parts of the world participating. It brought together many old friends - the link being rowing.

Madras Boat Club had some of its old faces at Kolkata. Humayun Jameel came in from Dubai. Romeo D'Souza who had been out of the country for many years was present too. It was a happy re-union of many old friends and an opportunity to make new ones. The racing aptly focused on the veteran events. It truly lived up to the cliché - 'Its not the winning that matters but the taking part'.

The hospitality was more than generous and few could escape the rush of nostalgia. After all it is not often that an institution completes 150 years and it is not often that an occasion brings together so many friends. The POWER OF FRIENDSHIP was there for all to see, cherish and experience.

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