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Pursuing New Love
Love Letters Our Grandchildren Will Read

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Dear [First Name of the Person Who Will Receive This Letter],

Save this letter. It is the beginning of the love letters our grandchildren will read. This is history in the making, a legacy of our love, a story to be told and retold by those who come after us.

The little ones will find these in the attic, tied up with ribbons, dusty, in an old drawer. They will giggle until they realize what they have found. Then they'll sit and read aloud the words that left my heart and found their way to this sheet of paper.

These words that I write are to you, [Name of the Person Who Will Receive This Letter], and only you. No one else has held my soul captive. Only you with your [Name The Eye Color of the Person Who Will Receive This Letter] eyes have managed to penetrate the fortress where my heart was imprisoned. Only you have taken my soul on voyages of ecstasies.

My memories of [Describe Your First Meeting Place] and the days that followed did not delude me. Those moments redeemed me. You have freed me through the bonds of love.

I celebrate our love,

[Your Name]

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