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Parent Soup Page

The first thing I did when we first got online, was discover Parent Soup. I have Netlink to thank for that, they had a link to PS on their start page. It's been a year since I first discovered PS, and I still haven't gotten tired of it yet.

Parent Soup is an online community of parents (of course) with kids of all ages. They have pages with lots of information for expecting parents, parents of babies, parents of toddlers and preschoolers, parents of school-age children, and parents of teens.

They also have tons of message boards. A FEW examples; Pregnancy Circles, Preparing for Labor and Delivery, Baby Names, Birth Announcements, Parents of Premeture Babies, Discipline, Potty Training, ADD and ADHD Children, Dealing with Disabilities, Parents of Multiples, Raising Moral Children, Homeschooling, etc. Believe me, I could go on and on, but I won't. :-)

Another great thing you will find at Parent Soup are the chat rooms. They have one room for general chat, and some other rooms for scheduled chats. Parent Soup chat rooms are unique because they are monitered. No one who chats there is allowed to use profane language, or harrass other chatters. There are chat cops (People who have a Op in front of their nick-name, like Op_rikki) who moniter the chat rooms. They have the power to boot anyone who is not following the rules. There are some great people who chat there, although they get a little crazy sometimes, they are a lot of fun.

My PS nick-name is Laquell. (Heather was taken and I didn't want to be Heather2 or Heather_H. I tried about 20 nick-names and everthing I tried was taken. So, I tried my nieces middle name,LaQuell. It worked. Laquell is an original name, when I was on ICQ, I was the only Laquell on there.) For those of you pronouncing it wrong, it is luh-KWELL. I like to chat in the general chat room the most, but I also like to go to some scheduled chats. I also like to play Baby Name Scrambler. It is hard, but a lot of fun. I visit the message boards sometimes, but not a lot. My favorite message boards right now are Baby Names, Pregnancy Circles, Preparing for Labor and Delivery, and Faith in the Family.

So, if you are not a member of Parent Soup, join today. Say hi if you see me around.

Parent Soup

Parent Soup is not a Christian site, but it is family friendly and safe. However, the chatting sometimes gets a little out of hand, and there are some message boards with subjects I disagree with. SURF AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

Souper Friends

Some home pages of friends I have met at Parent Soup.


This is the only web ring I have joined that is not a Christian web ring. Like I said above, the actual site, Parent Soup, is a family safe site. However, I have no idea what you might find while following this web ring. SURF AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

The Official Parent Soup Web Ring!

This ParentSoup ring site is owned by:
Heather, aka Laquell

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