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Alternatives to Staff Casting

In the 5th ed. Rule Book, TnT mentions that there has been, and can be,
alternatives to staff casting. Since it is used only as a focus point
(unless it's a deluxe staff) I'm including here the alternatives
that have been(and will always be) used in the TnT world we've been creating.

And also, to note, that in my game world I use a WP(will power) system for
spell cost. WP is found by averaging IQ and CN, and is used instead of ST
for spell cost. The cost for the spells are still the same with the WP system
but the cost is subtracted from WP instead of ST. WP represents inherent mage
ability, so only rogues, wizards and war/wiz have this attribute.

Usually, GM's, it's a good idea that if a PC chooses to cast spells a certain way
make him only use that style. That way players don't rack up spell cost reductions.

I hope you enjoy them.

Rune Casting
Gem Casting
Color Casting
Totem Casting

I hope you enjoy these suggestions for alternative focus points,
and feel free to use them in your game.