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The Religions of AnnWynnYnn

Most religions, or so I have noted, in most FRPG worlds, are really the mythological extreme.
IE: The pantheon of gods are the true deities and they walk and talk with mortals all the time.
Not so with AnnWynnYnn. The Gods here are quiet, only mystics claim to hear them whispering,
but no listens. And the pantheons are many. All religion here is just belief, and that is all.
And there are thosands of them. In fact each city state of AnnWynnYnn usually has a thoeology street,
where every temple has claimed their god on that street, and every worshiper has a home.
And yes, their has been political intirgue between the diffrent leaders of each belief.
And yes, even a few wars. Since the beliefs of AnnWynnYnn are to great to mention them all
here, I will mention the main ones, the ones the good majority of the population follow and will find
on every theology street, no matter what city state you decide to go to.