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Exeter University's Campus Radio Station

Kevin Swingler's URE logo '89-90
This way to images of the station's 30th birthday bash!

Archive Pics 1988-93:

Former Station Manager John Baish returns for a charity broadcast. Steve Goucher & Nick Thatcher - just before Nick (now on the BBC) took a pie to the face! Nick Thatcher, Jenny Tate & John Baish (now her husband) 'Uncle' Malcolm Taylor, former Station Manager Lucy Giles fires a cart. as Jon Wilson looks on. John Letchford explains just HOW he received that black eye... Former News Editor James Brokenshire - now an MP! Paul Langridge presents 'The Paper Chase'. Johanna Childs & Steve Goucher enjoy refreshments outside the studio during a long musical interlude. Jane & Andy flank an earlier anorexic incarnation of me. I enjoy a light bite with Gary, Jennie and Richard.

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