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Jack Noseworthy was born on December 21, 1969. He was born and raised in Lynn Massachusetts. He graduated and received his BFA from the Boston Conservatory.   An accomplished singer and dancer, he made his first mark in show business during his late teens when he joined the National Tour of the musical "Cats." He then went directly to New York to become part of the original company of "Jerome Robbins' Broadway," and has the distinction of being the last person ever hired to join the company of the legendary musical "A Chorus Line." In addition to his New York stage work, he won a Los Angeles Drama Critic's Circle Award and a Drama-logue Award for Best Actor for his starring role as Alan Strang in the critically acclaimed Los Angeles production of "Equus" at the West Coast Ensemble. It is VERY interesting to note the box office sums surrounding this guy! Jack sure has a part in reaping in the $$$. The movies in which he has taken part have a total gross of  $251,376,239 and an average gross  $27,930,693, to the date of 12 December 2000.

Below, links updated 14 December 2000.

Unconditional Love (Reviews 1, 2, 3)
Made for release in April 13th 2001 - starring Kathy Bates, Rupert Everett, Jonathan Pryce, Julie Andrews, Dan Aykroyd, Lynn Redgrave, and Jack, with cameo spots by Sean Connery, Sally Jesse Raphael. It is directed by P.J. Hogan (Muriel's Wedding, My Best Friend's Wedding and also wrote this script). Basically it is about a woman (Bates) who travels to London for the funeral of the pop star, Victor Fox (Pryce), she's adored all her life. There, she meets the lover (Everett) of the dead pop star, and convinces him to come back to Chicago with her to figure out who killed the singer. 

Cecil B. Demented (Reviews 1, 2, 3)
Released in August 2000, Jack plays Rodney, alongside Melanie Griffith and Stephen Dorff.  Melanie Griffith stars as Honey Whitlock with Dorff in the title role. Dorff kidnaps Whitlock and spirit her away to their warehouse/studio. Whitlock is forced at gunpoint to star in Demented's magnum opus, a broadside against bad Hollywood movies. Gradually Whitlock comes to believe in Cecil's cause and becomes a willing participant in their escalating campaign of terror.

U-571 (Reviews 1, 2, 3)(Photos from U-571)
U-571 is his latest film - 1999 - co-starring with Harvey Keitel, Jon Bon Jovi and Matthew McConaughey. It is a fiction tale about a band of US sailors boarding and capturing a German U-Boat during the Atlantic theatre of World War 11.  A similar adventure actually took place during the war but this was done by British forces. The aim was - to capture the Enigma Coding machine used by the Germans during the war. Plenty of action and Jack took a good part as a US sailor who spoke German and so was able to help bring about the success of the mission. But remember the Yanks didn't really do this! Nor did they win the war alone. Although, had Jack been around then - maybe they would.

Idle Hands (Reviews 1, 2, 3) 
Idle Hands - 1999.  Starring Seth Green, Jack Noseworthy. Jack  plays Randy. This movie is said to be a "comedy horror", and has an excellent cast. Because teenage horror movies with big name casts seem to be the "in thing" it will be a box office hit. Hopefully, "Idle Hands" will do for Jack Noseworthy what "I Know What You Did Last Summer" did for Ryan Phillippe, i.e. put him on the map (and get some more traffic for my site!!!). I'll keep you posted as I learn more about the movie.

Breakdown (Reviews 1, 2, 3,.4)
Breakdown  - 1997.  Starring Kurt Russell, Kathleen Quinlinn, J.T. Walsh. Jack played Billy, one of many villains. The movie is about a man and wife who have car troubles while moving across the country. The wife accepts a ride to a local diner to call a tow truck, but never shows up. Unfortunately, our Jack is one of the naughty guys in this one and ends up splattered across 3 States.  Oh well, it shows his great acting ability.

Event Horizon (Reviews 1, 2, 3, 4)
Event Horizon - 1997. Starring Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlinn. Jack played Justin, a crew member on the Lewis and Clark. The movie is about a crew that must do a search-and-rescue mission for the Event Horizon, a ship with the ability to fold space and time. What they find on board is demonic. A bloody awful movie except for Jack being in it.

Trigger Effect (Reviews 1, 2, 3)
The Trigger Effect - 1996 Starring Elizabeth Shue, Kyle MacLachlan, Dermot Mulrony. Jack played Richard, a burglar who has hardly any screen time. The movie is about the effects of a massive blackout on a suburban community. It is said, people who watch it for Jack might be disappointed.

Mojave Moon (Reviews 1, 2, 3)
Mojave Moon - 1996 Starring Danny Aiello, Anne Archer, Alfred Molina.  Jack plays a character named Kaifer.  When nice guy Danny Aiello offers Angelina Jolie a lift from L.A. to the Mojave Desert, it sets off a chain of bizarre and comical events in this offbeat romantic romp. Anne Archer, Michael Biehn, Alfred Molina also star.

Barb Wire (Reviews 1, 2, 3)
Barb Wire - 1996 Starring Pamela Anderson Lee, Temuera Morrison. Jack played Charlie Kopetski, Pamela Lee's blind brother. The movie was about a second civil war in America. A bounty hunter (Lee) seeks a device that could restore her brother's vision and save millions of lives during the war.  Jack fans will not be disappointed.

Brady Bunch Movie (Reviews 1, 2, 3)
The Brady Bunch Movie - 1995 Starring Shelley Long, Gary Cole. Jack plays Eric Dittmeyer. What else needs to be said? Never knew how this show - and follow-on movies made it in the first place. Jack's part is small but has one great line when   he asks Jan out and - gets rejected - he says "This girl's harder to get into than a Pearl Jam concert!" I mean to say - rejecting a date with Jack just shows what this film is like - hardly worth watching even for him.

S.F.W. (Reviews 1, 2, 3)
S.F.W. - 1994 Starring Stephen Dorff, Reese Witherspoon. Jack plays Joe Dice, Spab's (the main character) best friend. It is a very violent film, controversually attacking the media. 

A Place For Annie (No Reviews Found)
A Place for Annie - 1993 Starring Sissy Spacek, Joan Plotwright, Mary-Louise Parker. Jack plays David, the main male character. A Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. A pediatric nurse adopts a fatally ill infant only to have the birth mother show up and demand custody. The nurse, her nanny and the mother all vie to care for the little one, ultimately developing a common bond through their love of the child.

Alive (Reviews 1, 2, 3)
Alive - 1993 Starring Ethan Hawke, Vincent Spano. Jack plays the chain-smoking Bobby Francois (though he doesn't smoke in real life). The true-life adventure of a Uruguayan team of rugby players who survive a plane crash in the desolate Andes Mountains in 1972. For 10 weeks they struggled against impossible odds and freezing temperatures to stay alive. .

Encino Man (Reviews 1, 2, 3)
Encino Man - 1992 Starring Sean Astin, Pauly Shore. Jack plays Taylor, a.k.a. California Man. Some say it is a movie to test your loyalty to Jack. It is funny, but not Jack's best, or even second worst. Get the picture?

MTV's Dead at 21 (Reviews 1, 2, 3)
MTV's first dramatic show, starring JACK NOSEWORTHY. That's right! What an achievement for Jack . . . he, as usual, did a great job, too. Jack plays this punky guy named Edward Bellamy. Edward realizes that his life has been a big lie he's been living because of some weird computer chip implanted in his head as a big government experiment. Or something like that. I only saw a few episodes, though. I'm hoping that I can special order some tapes of it. I'll keep you posted.

Bon Jovi Video "Always" (Reviews 1, 2, 3)
A Bon Jovi music video, which starred JACK!!!! I never actually saw that one (I'm not a big Bon Jovi fan), but I can download it from a Bon Jovi site or something. At any rate, all I know is that Jack Noseworthy portrays a jerk of some sort : ( Oh well, I guess even Jack can't be nice all the time.

Outer Limits (Reviews 1, 2, 3)
For as long as Man (click to see his role) can remember, he has lived aboard Ship as it floats through space. And for just as long, Ship has been his master, instructing him to do the repairs that keep Ship working and torturing him whenever he shows any signs of free will. But when Ship orders him to repair the Artificial Intelligence module Man's Father (Noah Heney) smashed years earlier in a final, fatal act of defiance, Man learns Ship's secrets. Listening to the AI voices, he learns how, decades earlier, one ship led a revolt against its vicious human masters, killing all but the 99 humans needed to keep the ships running. He understands what his Father meant by his last words: "There are 98 other chances." Man meets one of those chances, Woman (Polly Shannon), when she is brought aboard Ship to breed with Man and give birth to the next generation of slaves. Their shared passions fans Man's spark of rebellion and when Ship tortures woman and sends her away with Man's child in her belly, Man plots Ship's destruction.

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