What makes a winner?

Joan F. Marques - MBA, Doctoral Student
Burbank, California

The answer to this question could be regarded as simple as 1+1=2: Everything that makes you feel good! And yet, there is so much more depth to this answer than the seeming logic of it, just as there is in the simple equation mentioned above. You know that 1+1 is only 2 in abstract mathematics, right? In every other aspect it can just as easily be zero as it can be three…or more. The secret behind the level of outcome? Simple! The rate of success in the combination of the components, in this case: the two ones.

Think of the law of real estate: if you have one nice piece of property in a classy neighborhood, it may represent a decent value. However, if you manage to purchase an adjacent piece of land, your property will suddenly be worth more than the sum of both separate pieces, because you now own a far more accommodating, convenient, and desirable plot of land there!

Another catchy example of the 1+1 dilemma: couples! Ever seen two people teaming up and not achieving any degree of happiness, success, or fortune, while another couple with similar backgrounds, yet a different combination of characteristics, manages to stick together, build an empire of millions, beget and raise 5 happy kids, and renew their honeymoon every year with a breath taking cruise through the Caribbean? In the first case 1+1 ended in zero – and in the second, the sky was the limit!

So, what exactly constitutes a winner?

    1. Chemistry. Oh yes! Chemistry between you and whatever you want to achieve. If it makes you happy and you manage to achieve it, you're a winner, even if no one else cares.
    2. Ability: This may vary from one goal to another. Sometimes you will need emotional ability to win, and at other times it may be financial power, brain sharpness, or persuasive skills. The key is to know when to apply which ability (or set of abilities), to what degree, and in which particular blend.
    3. Intuition. Ah! There we go again! But, as just mentioned: knowing which abilities to apply, when, and in which combinations, requires a sensitivity that only intuition can provide. Besides: you will also need intuition to determine whether to go for that particular goal at all! And if so, whether this is the time to do so!
    4. Mindset. Stay focused. Once distracted, you may lose sight – and grip – of your goal.
    5. Humor. You must definitely be able to laugh off the slips and slides you will certainly make on your way to becoming a winner.
    6. Creativity. No matter how focused you are: sometimes, halfway down, you will find yourself having to develop a different path to your goal- and sometimes even an entire adjustment to the goal itself!
    7. Drive. This is that one little bit of dissatisfaction with the "here and now" that will urge you to move toward a different aim.
    8. Confidence. A huge amount of trust in yourself and whatever else you believe in is required, for that is what will ultimately get you where you want to be.
    9. Self-love. You should nurture the awareness that you are doing this all for yourself, and that therefore no goal is worth excessively stressing over. The fact that you want to reach that goal is because YOU want it. So, if getting there is pure hell, why should you proceed? This is when you should jump to...
    10. Refocus; rethink your goal, reevaluate your possibilities. Then, after formulating your new definition of being a winner, start at point 1 again.

Good luck!