Today could be the day...

Burbank, California; March,2003;
Joan Marques, MBA, Doctoral Student

"Make everyday of the rest of your life as uncomplicated as possible"

Perhaps the most absurd part of being a member of humanity is the fact that we brand, measure, contend, and admire each other through standards that are far from humane:

  • People from one part of the country look down on (or up to) the ones from other parts, while citizens from one nation will be quick in telling you the peculiarities of the ones abroad.
  • Based on the car you drive, the shoes you wear, the way you speak, and the color of your skin (among dozens of other physical manifestations) you will be judged on your eligibility for a job, a membership, or even a friendship!
  • Depending on your level of income or your area of residence, you will receive a grand treatment at various occasions--or not.
  • And the list of examples regarding our standard system could endlessly continue. But I guess you, dear reader, got the message now. And it is probably not even the first time you read, heard, or thought about it: we have degraded the quality of the human race to one of shallowness, shortsightedness, and narrow-mindedness.

    The most unfortunate aspect to this all is that this mistake cannot be reversed easily, since it is kept in position by almost all relevant entities in our community.

    Yet, there is hope! Just like every flourishing vineyard could be initiated with one seed, so too can every improvement start within one soul! We can all commence by establishing a change process within ourselves: each for his or her own. How? By ceasing to measure others through the preposterous standards of society and starting to value people on the goodness of their heart and the kindness of their actions.

  • It is this simple, yet deeply personal paradigm shift within us that will allow our world an opportunity to eventually turn into a better place. What would that place look and feel like?
  • For starters: Much more relaxed! No one would feel the need for gaining beyond personal needs anymore, as status would be no longer measured by one's residence, car, and job-title, but rather by one?s behavior as an empathetic human being.
  • Secondly, there would ultimately be equilibrium between the "good side" and the "bad side" of town: as standards would change, so would perceptions! And no one would look up to--or down on--others' living circumstances anymore.
  • Thirdly, discrimination and ethnocentrism would progressively disappear, for race or nationality would cease to be an issue.
  • Yes, it sounds like a dream: One that was dreamed before by many. And, because it's such a wonderful dream: One that will hopefully increasingly be dreamed by growing numbers of members in our society. Gone would be the frustration and the rat race for obtaining the most prestigious jobs, for every job would be perceived as equally valuable and important to any other. People would admire their colleagues, co-members, and friends for the persons they were, and at work the janitor would be the best friend of the guard, the CEO, and the office manager.

    Sounds good? Let's start bringing it into practice: you and me! Today could be the day...