Establishing Change in Changing Times

Joan Marques - Ed.D., MBA.
Burbank, California

This is not the first time that I am stating in an article that even change is not the only constant anymore, because even change is changing. We see it everyday: the speed of change today is much faster than it was 50 years ago, and still much slower than it will be 5 years from now!

Leaders in all workplaces are increasingly confronted with the phenomenon change. Some more often and more interfering than others, but none is really liberated from it. And even when change is not happening spontaneously - we all know after all how change-averse human beings are - it should be encouraged: Not for change's sake, but for the sake of the organization's existence.

If you, as a leader, want to successfully implement change in your organization, there are some points to consider:

In general it may be good to conclude by commenting that change is healthy, even if we don't like to be confronted with it. But it keeps us alert and on our toes, and it prevents us from falling in a long, unhealthy, unchallenging, dull, uneventful, spirit-impoverishing winter sleep.