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It was the suppleness
of the serpent joined to
the grace of the gazelle.
-Paul Lenoir


Ishtar's Beloved was founded in 1997 by a trio of friends who shared a passionate love for the art of Middle Eastern dance, commonly known as bellydance. Our troupe has combined traditional tribal and cabaret movements with a splash of East Indian and flamenco influence to form something unique that still fits into the category of bellydance.

Since the creation of our little group we have performed at festivals, restuarants, charity events and as the opening act for a circus side show (that was deffinately our most interesting venue). We hope to continue performing in public to both better our skills and to share this beautiful dance with the community.

This site was designed to showcase the accomplishments of Ishtar's Beloved and their sister dancers. It also exsists to relay information and knowledge that we have gathered through our experience.

This is a fairly new site and is still under a lot of construction. Check back to see new updates. If you have any suggestions or comments, please email us through the address at the bottm or sign our guestbook. Thank you for your visit. Enjoy!

Site Last Updated 01/02/2001

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